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Friday, September 23, 2011


Pictured is about $50,000.00 worth of brand new propeller shafts and couplings for Cabo yachts. As you know, Cabo is no longer building their boats in California. Cabo is owned by the Brunswick Corporation that also owns Bertram and Hatteras. They have now consolidated their boat building activities in North Carolina. The beautiful boat building facility in Andelanto, Calif. is now empty and 600 employees are out of work. Probably a good move on Brunswick's part, at least they are still building in the U.S.A. For some reason the shafts etc. were not shipped to N.C. and we ended up with them. They are BIG, and HEAVY. We have priced them under $1000.00 per shaft. A boat builder in Ensenada, Mexico thinks they are such a great value that he is sending a truck to the store and purchasing ten of them. If you are NICE to us and pay our modest asking price and mention our BLOG we will throw in the matching coupling, key, and nuts. Probably about a $300.00 extra. E-mail us for diameters, lengths etc. We also have the Chatfield Engineering, of New Zealand custom Cabo packing glands that fit the shafts.

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