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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Minneys has been a U.S. Government chart agent for the past 40 years. A short time ago, no one went to sea without a paper chart that covered the area of their voyage. Today, many foolish mariners rely only on their electronic chart plotters. These are fantastic gadgets. I fish aboard a boat in Alaska every summer. That's what we use, it saves us from constantly taking bearings as we snake our way through narrow channels. But, my skipper is also "old school", he has a paper chart that covers all areas of his navigation.

Gadgets fail, boats lose electrical power, sun spots can screw up GPS. It's our suggestion that all skippers carry paper charts. The good news is, we make it easy for you. We stock up to date charts of the Pacific coast and can quickly order for you any charts you might need for the territorial U.S. For the next week only, we have a special offering. The Feds have put all their chart agents on quotas and we are running a bit behind because everyone has stopped using paper charts. Until we meet our quota, any skipper that wants to up date or order new charts may purchase them from us at OUR COST plus shipping charges. The Feds have recently lowered their prices to us, a bit of a miracle, and the retail price of a chart has dropped from about $22.00 to under $15.00. Until we meet our quota you can order charts from us for less than $8.00 each. We're not going to "baby sit" you. You've got to locate an up to date chart catalog and come up with the correct numbers of the charts you want. The end of September is the cut-off of this money saving offer. We continue to be one of the only chart agents in Southern California and you get charts at 50% savings. Now is that a "win-win" deal or what? E-mail your orders to or phone in your order to 949-548-4192. This offer only good on U.S charts. Not international. Also, we have thousands of used charts that we sell for study, decoration etc. The are stamped on them NOT TO BE USED FOR NAVIGATION and the price is $1.95. We don't sort so please don't call looking for a particular chart.

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