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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Pictured is a 20' Viking sailboat built by master boat builder, Don Pedersen in about 1955. 18 of these boats were built and they were actively raced until about 10 years ago. They were all kept at Pedersen's storybook boat yard on Mariner's mile in Newport Beach, Calif. The boat yard was called Viking's Port and still stands and is now operated by his grand daughter, Vicki Lenich. The Viking's were designed by noted yacht designer, Dair Long. Dair worked for the War Department during the war and is credited for the designs of the PT boats, AVR's and other high speed assault craft. After the war Dair moved to Newport Beach where he designed the Harco 40's and the Fairliners. Pedersen wanted a day sailer for Newport's light winds, and insisted that it be a lively and good looking boat. Dair more than fulfilled Pedersen't requirements. The boat is cedar planked on steam bent oak frames, bronze fastened, lead ballast and all trim is Houduras mahogany. The boat is fairly complete as it stands, there is also a hollow spruce mast that goes with the boat. Ten years ago a replacement mast was built for another Viking at the cost of $2000.00. We have the boat in front of our store. The present owner would like to get $3000.00 for it but he would also like to find a good home for it. We think an offer of $1000.00 would be acceptable? I personally will miss the boat. As a grammar school kid, one of my first jobs was to sweep up and clean up the Viking's Port wood shop after school. To this day I can still remember the sweet smell of cedar shavings, the burbling of the steam box and the smell of okum caulking. A trailer in quite poor condition is also included....... This would make a great plug if someone out there would like to make it in fiberglass and give the Harbor 20's a bit of competition.......

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  1. I wish I could find more about this boat, It looks very lively. Sadly all my research leads me to is motor boats... maybe you can offer more pictures?