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Monday, September 5, 2011


We always have about 1000 sails that are sort of in "limbo?" We've purchased them but it takes us months sometimes to get around to sorting, measuring, tagging and pricing them. I know that if I was heading to Tahiti and wanted a storm jib or cruising spinnaker and someone had a big pile of sails for sale, I wouldn't mind taking a few hours to lay out sails, measure and look them over and see if there is something that would be suitable for my boat? Especially if I could get an additional discount off the already modest prices that Minney charges. Well, here's your chance? Last week we sorted about $80,000.00 worth of mains, headsails, spinnakers etc. into a neat pile and have placed 100' tape measures, clip boards with tags, pens and meat hooks in a box for your use. We have a large old sail laid out, on the asphalt in our back lot so the sail stays clean and there's even a hook at one end of the yard that you can attach the sail to and measure it yourself. If it's a very large sail, our staff will assist you. We insist that you keep the stack of sails looking as you found it and that you properly roll up the sails you have looked at tie them off and return them to the proper section. Now's here's the GOOD PART! Not only have you located a great sail for your trip to Tahiti but Minneys will give you a 10% discount off for doing the work yourself. If you pay ca$h, Minney will up the discount to 15%. Give it a try. P.S. Only Ernie Minney or Josh Minney may arrive at a fair price for the sail. You've all sparred with them before so bring your boxing gloves. And of course, if you find the sail that you picked was unsuitable it may be returned for a full refund. Have a great Labor Day. Ernie

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