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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot yachtswoman and classic rope.

Pictured above is a lovely young woman that checked out our BLOG one morning and decided Minneys was a "must see". She jumped in her car and drove all the way from Santa Barbara. She owns a lovely fiberglass Folk Boat and keeps it in the marina in Santa Barbara. Folk Boats have always been one of my favorites. They are a very famous European design originally built out of wood. Close to 1000 have been built. Many have crossed the Atlantic and I wouldn't be surprised to find out if a few haven't circumnavigated the globe.

Also pictured is classic hemp or Manila line. Land lubbers call it "rope." For many years this line was nearly impossible to get. Synthetics pretty much made Manila line obsolete and importers quit making it available. In recent years the demand for it has increased and we have been able to secure a dependable source. The Los Angeles County Fair purchased nearly 5000 feet of it. Local design firms place it in many of their jobs. Landscapers love it. Check out the Treehouse in Disneyland some time. It's full of it! Local gyms and health spas are purchasing miles of it for work out routines and exercise regimens . Our prices are fair and reasonable. Buy it by the foot or go all out and save 10% on a 600 foot spool. You might also find it of interest to know that we rent 100' "Tug-O-War" ropes for $25.00 per event.

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