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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The rains are coming and it would be a crime punishable by keel hauling to let these great looking teak cabinets get wet. We picked them up at the Cabo auction in February and have sold about 80% of them. One boat owner building a Roberts 55 purchased $5000.00 worth. They are top quality construction ( as you know, everything that "Cabo Yachts" does is 1st class) out of solid Burma teak and flawless veneers. There's still a good selection of counter top sea rail moldings and lots of teak and mahogany corner post for bunks and bulkheads. I've used a bit of it on my own boat mainly for finish trim around cabinet doors and locker fronts. Burma teak is selling for close to $20.00 a board foot. Most of these items cost way less than the materials to build them with. We need the room, hate to see the winter storms damage them and will be very much open to reasonable offers over the next few weeks.

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